Anxiety Behaviour - agressive Behaviour - apathetic
Behaviour - invent words Behaviour - irritability Behaviour - social isolation
Breathing - disorderr Coordination - loss Delirium
Hallucinations Memory - loss Mental - confusion
Mental - depressionn Mental orientation - loss Mental reasoning - difficulty
Mood - changes Movements - slowness Muscles - rigidity
Skin - infections Speech - changes Swallowing - difficulty
Tremor Urination - incontinence Vision - confusion
Alzheimer's disease is a degenerative disease of the brain, which causes thinking and memory to become seriously impaired. In addition, it is a progressive condition, meaning it will continue to get worse as it develops.

Early stages of the condition may begin with minor memory problems and difficulty saying the right words and may lead to confusion, personality changes and a total change in behaviors. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia and the risk increases with age.

There are three abnormal brain characteristics associated with Alzheimer's disease:

     - Amyloid plaques, build up between nerve cells. They contain deposits of a protein fragment called beta-amyloid peptide mixed with a collection of additional proteins, remnants of neurons, and bits and pieces of other nerve cells.

     - Neurofibrillary tangles, are abnormal collections of a protein called tau. As a result, neurons fail to function normally and eventually die.

    - Damages and loss of neurotransmitters. Without them, neurons die leaving atrophied spots throughout the brain.

Scientists are not sure about the role plaques and tangles play in Alzheimer’s disease. Most of them consider they block connections among nerve cells and disrupt activities that cells need to survive.

Despite it is uncertain that the disease can be inherited, recent researches consider that carriers of the ApoE4 gene variant have a much higher chance of developing Alzheimer's disease.
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