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Colitis is inflammation of the inner lining of the colon (large intestine). It can be acute or chronic.

Signs and symptoms of colitis can be quite different and depend of the type and cause. Among the causes of colitis are found infections, ischemia, and autoimmune reactions. Types of colitis are:

- Autoimmune (e.g., such as ulcerative colitis - inflammatory bowel disease)

- Idiopathic (e.g., like lymphocytic colitis)

- Iatrogenic (e.g., chemical colitis)

- Infectious (e.g., enterohemorrhagic colitis)

- Vascular (e.g., ischemic colitis)


Colitis can be diagnosed with some of the following procedures:

- Physical examination

- Complete Blood Count

- Colonoscopy

- Sigmoidoscopy

- Biopsy

- Stool analysis

- CT scan

- MRI scan

- X-ray barium enema

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