Common approaches and prescriptions
• Wash your hands several times during the day with an antibacterial soap.

• Nutritionists recommend a combination of vitamin A with C and zinc.

• Cold compresses (a clean cloth soaked in cold water) on the affected eye several times daily to temper some symptoms like itching or inflammation.

• Antihistamines.

• Decongestants.

• Mast cell stabilizers.

• Steroids.

• Anti-inflammatory drops.

• For bacterial and parasitic types - Antibiotics. Usually eye drops for adults and eye ointment for infant or young child. Improvements of symptoms can be noticed within one or two days.

• For virus infection - Antibiotics can not help. The virus just has to run its course. It gets worse during the third to fifth day and then gradually improve till the virus finally disappears in about two weeks.
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