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Diverticulosis involves the formation of pouches called “diverticula” within the bowel wall. Diverticulitis is a digestive disorder when one or more of these pouches become inflamed.

Many people with diverticulitis have no symptoms. if they appear, symptoms of the disease resemble other diseases like appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome or stomach ulcers.

As most diverticula occur in the sigmoid colon, the abdominal pain is commonly located in the left lower quadrant but sometimes due to the less common right-sided diverticula or a highly redundant sigmoid colon, patients may have right-sided abdominal pain.
Diverticulitis is usually diagnosed with the following procedures:
- Physical exam
- Blood test (The white blood cell count may show leukocytosis)
- CT scan (98% of accuracy)
- Abdominal ultrasound
- Urine analysis (may show red or white blood cells in patients with diverticulitis adjacent to the ureter or the bladder.
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