Step 1. Select the set of data you have (signs and symptoms, results of blood and urine analysis):

Signs and symptoms:

- Choose one symptom per field available.

- Select the symptom or set of symptoms carefully. The more carefully you select them, the more accurate results you get.

Blood and urine analysis:

- Choose just the parameters that are abnormal. Always use as reference the normal range printed on the lab report to decide what range is normal.

- Note that blood counts range varies with altitude, gender and age of people, regions or countries, standards, laboratories and methods.

- Note that sometimes simple factors as diet, the intake of certain medicines or dehydration can affect the results of blood and urine analysis. Therefore, no single test result can provide the right diagnosis. Most results need to be considered along with other reports, under the supervision of a qualified medical doctor, and within the context of the patient's overall health.

Step 2. Once the symptoms and/or results have been selected, press the "Diagnosis" button. Then a set of possible diseases matching the symptoms you have selected will be displayed in the rectangle. 

Step 3. In this step you can find more information, including description, treatment and healthcare centers worldwide dealing with that disease. In the rectangle  below you can read about procedures and tests that are commonly recommended for the highlighted condition.

Also, you can watch the video Learn how to use Esagil symptom checker in two minutes.

NOTE: ESAGIL is an automated tool that matches signs and symptoms, and results from blood and urine analysis against 100 diseases and disorders. ESAGIL is for information purposes only. It is not a substitute of medical advice.

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