Breathing - difficulty      Cough Ear - ache
Fever Head - ache Neck - lymph glands swollen
Neck lymph glands - tender Swallowing - difficulty Swallowing - pain
Throat - discomfort Throat - with white spots Throat - redness
Throat - sore Tonsils - with white spots Tonsils - swollen
Pharyngitis and Tonsillitis are infections in the throat that cause inflammation. If the tonsils are primarily affected, it is called tonsillitis. If the throat, it is called pharyngitis.

There are many causes of infections in the throat. The following are the most common infectious agents:

• viruses
• bacteria

And less common:

• fungal infections
• parasitic infections
• cigarette smoke

Occasionally, the tonsils remain infected, inflamed, or enlarged after an episode of pharyngitis.
Doctors perform a physical examination. A throat culture is recommended to find out the cause of the infection.
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