Management and Medications

There is not curative therapy. Symptoms commonly come and go in cycles. The treatment is based on severity and subtypes and it is measured by reducing the intensity of symptoms. Mild cases are often not treated at all.

The first line of treatment is based on topical and antibiotic agents.

Topical antibiotics:

-         Metronidazole

Oral antibiotics:

-         Tetracycline,

-         Doxycycline, and

-         Minocycline

In cases of ocular rosacea, people must practice frequent eyelid care. Daily, diluted baby shampoo or over-the-counter eyelid cleaner are normally recommended. It may also require oral antibiotics.

Azelaic acid at different concentrations helps to clear the bumps and swelling caused by rosacea.

Alpha-hydroxy acid, widely used in the cosmetics industry, reduces the irritation, papules and pustules related to rosacea.

Several products must be avoided, including toners, scrubs, astringents, and products that contain alcohol or acetone. Sunscreens should be used to protect the face under the sunlight.


It is used in a single wavelength or intense pulse light to get rid of dilated blood vessels or to remove excess nose tissue.

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