Appetite - loss Ear - lymph glands swollen Eyes - redness
Eyes - sensitivity to light Eyes - swelling Eyes - watery
Fever Head - ache Joints - pain
Joints - swelling Neck - lymph glands swollen Nose - runny
Skin - itching  Skin - rash

Rubella, commonly known as German measles, is an infectious disease caused by the rubella virus. The disease is often mild, lasting one to three days, and sometimes passes undetected.

The name rubella is sometimes confused with rubeola, but the diseases are unrelated.

Symptoms are flu-like and complications are very rare. However, the infection during pregnancy can be serious and the child may be born with congenital rubella syndrome.

Rubella is spread by close contact and airborne droplets from the nose or throat that others breathe in.

The facial rash appears as either pink or light red spots and usually clears as it extents to other parts of the body. The fever rarely rises above 100.4 degree F or 38 degree C. Conjunctivitis may appear along with other symptoms.   


A blood test is the only way to confirm the diagnosis.

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