Treatment of ischemic stroke

Antiplatelet agents:

These agents are commonly used to prevent blood clots formation.

Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA):

It is injected into the bloodstream in order to reach and dissolve the clot that is causing the stroke   and blood can flow again toward the affected areas. TPA can only be administered to patients during the first three hour after the onset of symptoms.

Intra-Arterial Thrombolysis (IAT):

If no more than six hours have passed after the onset of symptoms the TPA is injected directly into the blood clot using a small catheter.

Mechanical Embolus Retrieval in Cerebral Ischemia Retriever (MERCI Retriever):

The MERCI retriever is a new experimental technique to capture and pulls out blood clots that have been formed in small blood vessels.

   Treatment of hemorrhagic stroke


They are used to control blood pressure, brain swelling, head aches and seizures.

Surgical treatment:

A surgical procedure may be recommended to stop bleeding in the brain.

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