Treatments for this disease depend on the type and phase of thyroiditis that is diagnosed. For the most common type, which is known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, the treatment is to immediately start hormone replacement. The hormone replacement therapy helps to restore the level of hormones in the body and leads to normal metabolic activities. It prevents further inflammation of the thyroid gland. Patients having pain in the throat due to inflammation of thyroid gland are prescribed medications to reduce the pain. Severe throat pain is required to be treated with steroid therapy. In rare cases, partial thyroid removal may relieve pressure.

Drug Therapies include:

• Levothyroxine, if hypothyroidism or large goiter present
• Corticosteroid medications, to reduce inflammation in severe cases
• Propanolol, for hyperthyroidism
• Thyroxine, to replace thyroid hormone (in cases of hypothyroidism)
• Short term beta blockers, for hyperthyroid symptoms
• Antibiotics
• Aspirin, to relieve pain and inflammation
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