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Urticaria, also know as hives, is a type of skin rash characterized by raised areas of the skin with a red base. Urticaria can be classified as:

- Acute, which lasts no longer than several hours or days.
- Chronic, which lasts several months and is commonly idiopathic, meaning that have unknown causes.

Some identified factors that trigger urticarial are:

- Autoimmune disorders.
- Exposure to allergens, including certain foods, medicines, and pollen.
- Temperature changes (cold or heat).
- Sunlight.
- Infections.
- Physical exercises.
- Emotional stress.

The causes of urticarial are mainly due to allergic reactions but often, for acute or chronic form, no obvious cause can be found.
Urticarial symptoms are usually recognized after a physical examination. However, further tests, such as skin biopsy, blood tests, and allergy testing, may be required to determine the cause of the hives.
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